Best tips to shop better this year

New products are sure to grace the shelves this year. Exciting, but before you throw all your money away, remember to focus on needs instead of wants. Take care of the essentials first and make sure you pair purchases with coupons like this Save $0.75 when you buy any one (1) Pine-Sol multi-purpose cleaner, 40oz or larger, before spending on extras. Your budget can only take so much! If possible, shop alone. A tremendous amount of energy is required to keep you from impulse buying. Imagine how difficult it will be with your children or spouse around! Also, prioritize buying seasonally this year. This gives your budget more room to maneuver. Grab produce at their best time of the year where they taste the loveliest, are in abundance, and do not cost a kidney. This simple tip can save you a fortune. Give it a try and see the difference.