How to save in 2017

After the crazy uncontrolled spending during the holidays, it is now time to apply the all important CPR to your wallet! Get back on track and take control of your money this 2017. A few small changes now revives your budget and steers it in the right direction for the rest of the year. Start by setting goals. How much do you want to save? How much do you want to cut off your expenses? Be realistic and specific in setting your goals. Focus and map the budget to achieve them. Work out ways to spend less such as shopping with coupons like this Save $1.00 off of any two Clorox Clean-up products, Disinfecting Wipes 34ct.+, Liquid Bleach 55oz.+, OR any Manual Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Do not be put off by taking small steps. This creates valuable habits that eventually ensure your money goes where you want it to go.