Keep buying avocadoes in 2017

Keep your SAVE $1.00 when you buy ONE PACKAGE any Old El Paso Dinner Kits, Tortillas, or Taco Shells AND TWO Avocados from Mexico coupons. Avocado on everything will not die with 2016 – and for good reason. This new year, expect to see your green, buttery friend in tacos of all kinds. According to experts, tacos will be a star dish of 2017 so better practice your tortilla wrangling skills. But this time, it is more about tacos as a Mexican food, rather than a health food. Hyper-regional food continuous to gather steam. Expect the limelight to feature Filipino restaurants, Nordic bakeries, and niche Cuban food. These days, the trend is to eat the world on your plate! Of course, nobody is complaining because good food remains the same no matter its original location. Moreover, your tastebuds are sure to rejoice over the new flavors and ingredients it will encounter!