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Challenge yourself to eat better this year

Revive your tummy with good and healthy food after the holiday binge. Stock up on coupons like this Save $1.50 on any ONE (1) Truvia Stevia Sweetener product and give your body the proper nourishment and rejuvenation it needs this time! For the New year, challenge yourself to eat more vegan food. Not only is a plant-based diet trendy, it also has tremendous benefits for your body. Abstaining from meat, dairy and eggs allow you to lose weight easily, have a healthier heart, and live longer. You do not have to do it every day but a few meals in a week have a huge impact. Buy more fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and grains to enjoy more healthy food. Combine them in grain bowls to make life easy! Start with a whole grain, layer on lots of veggies, a protein you prefer, and a beautiful sauce – great meal every time!

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