Want more cash? Shop late and on a Wednesday

Here are a couple of tips for today to help you get more value for your budget at the supermarkets. First, take the time to look for coupons like this SAVE $1.00 ON THREE Old El Paso when you buy THREE Old El Paso products (excludes Old El Paso refrigerated, frozen, and soup products) for your purchases. If you write a list, match them with coupons and earn instant savings. It takes some time and effort but the money you snatch from the counter is worth it. Second, make Wednesday grocery night.

A recent study revealed there are only 11% of shoppers who visit the stores on Wednesday and only 4 percent of customers shop on any day after 9 P.M. The smaller crowd gives you more time to examine prices and find the best deals and also fights impulse spending that is often associated with being stuck in the checkout line. Everything is a win for you!